Added support for Canon EOS 1DX camera RAW

The RAW image format offers some unique photographic capabilities. Normally, photos in the RAW format are considered professional and of the highest possible quality. RAW captures the data from the camera’s sensor: bit depth, color information, dynamic range, etc. Images are called “raw” because the data is not processed or edited, and the RAW image is sometimes also called a “digital negative”. The photographer needs to know how to manage these data to convert them into a photographic masterpiece. Photographers shooting in the RAW format do not let their cameras apply any in-camera processing to the RAW data – they prefer to do it themselves at the computer. Flexibility is the main asset of RAW- photographer can change many aspects of the digital image before it gets developed. What creates issues though is the fact that each camera’s RAW specification is proprietary of the camera type. To process the RAW image data one needs to get access to the software able to manipulate it. It’s rare software that can easily process all types of RAW files. ImageConverter Plus provides support for a really large number of RAW format specifications. Canon EOS 1DX has just been added to our list.