“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”

The world of photography is so contradictory sometimes. On the one hand we prefer expensive digital equipment ensuring the best possible image quality, and of course, the largest possible file sizes where no single detail is lost. We get proud of ourselves for making the right camera choice and shooting fantastic photos, but then we encounter a problem when photos cannot go to the web, cannot be emailed, and occupy too much space on the disc. So we go and seek image editing tools that could make the photos smaller thus worsening their quality. There may be several reasons you need to resize your photos, including building a web page or emailing. Photos are supposed to drag attention of the viewers, but in case you do not resize them for your blog or website, they may work against you – not every user will like the idea of waiting for the photo to open due to its large size. And you’ll quickly lose visitors if the images on your site take too long to load. Even though you’ve resized your images after uploading them, what matters for the visitors are the full-sized images. All this extra load time slows everything down, so the frustrated website visitor is likely to leave your site for good. Resize is one of the main strengths of ImageConverter Plus. We ensure the highest possible image quality after reducing their size. Images of any size can get much smaller, and you can choose among percentage or pixel value when making a decision about the resulting image file. ImageConverter Plus provides support for the largest possible number of existing image formats, including very rare ones that can still be converted into more universally accepted format (like JPEG) and undergo resize simultaneously.