GTA game: letting you wander around the world of imagination

What’s your favorite way of spending free time? Statistics say that the answer you are most likely to get is playing computer games. Grand Theft Auto (commonly abbreviated GTA) is a multi-award-winning video game series that has a lot of fans around the world. It is indeed popular: where else can you steal someone’s car, and then run them over with it? The gameplay consists of stealing cars, running over pedestrians, and blowing cars up. Hard to say why you want to do it, but it’s fun! But games do not only mean simply playing. It’s better to know the basics about the sound blasters, graphic formats and textures. Textures are a vital part of the visual impression delivered by every video game, but they can destroy the whole experience in case something is not working properly. If you know the basics about these aspects it will be easier to fix a problem if it appears. It’s not always a matter of an old computer that needs updating. Problems with textures are more frequent than you think: with GTA some textures may appear over the models, or black parts cover the screen. G-texture only supports DDS format which is not easily available and needs a conversion tool fr om another format – typically PNG. When you deal with PNG images and need to convert them to DDS to view images better ImageConverter Plus will be there to help. DDS is a popular format for games in general, so you can use ImageConverter Plus for other needs when you enter a whole new world where you set off for an adventure – a world wh ere you are the hero and you decide what happens next.