Grayscale printing tips

Among the commonly known types of printers there is a specific one called a thermal printer. It uses heat to transfer an impression onto paper, more specifically it heats the thermal paper when the paper passes over the thermal print head. Current technology allows thermal printers to print in both color and black and white but the earliest thermal printers used heat-sensitive paper to create black and white printouts only, and this use of a thermal printer is still more common than the others. Our users appreciate the ability of ImageConverter Plus to convert color images into monochrome. Monochrome black printing is ideal for black and white images. Image quality depends on resolution, density range, tonal scale and color gamut. When converting images into black-and-white thermal printers can generate high-resolution prints utilizing a high density range of ink, resulting in more detailed and richer images than inkjet printers can create. You’ll find the resolution much higher, coverage in all back fields much deeper and the quality of grayscale significantly better.