Choosing the final destination for your converted images

Automating the conversion process is one of the assets of ImageConverter Plus. Within one or two clicks you choose the output image format, specify additional conversion parameters, and the destination folder for your converted files. Still, you can still encounter difficulties once in a while, because the more advanced the device is, the more complications it causes if something does not go right. For example, you can lose the converted files, and this may happen for several reasons: there was not enough space on the device you tried to save your files on; you tried to save your files on a read-only destination, i.e. CD or DVD (unfortunately, ImageConverter Plus cannot work with these devices directly, and you will need to apply to use appropriate Windows applications). Last but not least, there may take place a conversion failure, because the file format is not recognized, because of the specified parameters not appropriate, etc. Anyway, you will be informed about unsuccessful conversion by our software. Otherwise, you will definitely find converted images in the destination folder specified at the time of conversion.