Combining the best qualities of several image formats

When the necessity is to ensure transparency within a certain image file, it’s common knowledge that JPEG cannot be considered simply because it never supports transparency. There is still a good alternative combining the efficiency and convenience of the JPEG format with transparency capabilities. This image format is called JNG (JPEG network graphic file) and was created as an adjunct to the MNG animation format, but may be used as a stand-alone format. JNG files embed an 8-bit or 12-bit JPEG datastream in order to store color data, and may embed another datastream (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 bit PNG, or 8 bit JPEG grayscale image) for transparency information. JNG also combines some useful PNG features like color correction, gamma correction, embedded color profiles, PNG style metadata, etc. The transparency information inside a JNG file (as an alpha channel) can be saved either in lossless PNG format, or in lossy JPEG format. This way, users can benefit from the power of JPEG compression while preserving lossless (PNG compressed) transparency information. ImageConverter Plus supports all the above image formats. JPEG and PNG are supported for both input and output conversion, and the JNG image format can be converted into numerous other image formats.