Faces and places of the past

Family history is something everyone starts to wonder about sooner or later. This is our heritage. We inherit not just appearance, but traits, habits, goals. Learning your family history can bring a lot of surprises and is really an exciting process. There are numerous websites offering genealogical research. There are also websites where one can post photos of ancestors kept from the past. It’s pretty hard to do this – old photos are yellowish, not in the best shape, black-and-white, etc. You will make a wise decision if you decide to digitize them all. No matter what image format they are saved in they can be converted into the image format more appropriate for the Internet . In case you decide to scan old photos and would like to upload them on Facebook or other resources, it’s pretty easy to resize them thus making them suitable for sharing online. Try to save as much information you have about your ancestors – even small things will matter for future generations. Each of us is an extension of our family history, and we are all connected. If you were in a position to change life the way we know it, and you had insight as to how things turned out before, in the past, you might base your decision similar to what happened to people you originate from. Sometimes it’s really surprising to realize that unusual decisions you make, or preferences you take are not as unique as you thought of them – you great-grand father was known to be the person of non-standard thinking, and your ancestor from the 18th century loved adventure, etc. All we inherit matters. The more we think about the past the wiser decisions we make for future.