Create compressed and uncompressed TGA images

Targa image format is not among the most popular ones. This format was designed by Truevision Inc. in 1984. When the format was developed it was a success – it was capable of supporting bitmap images, indexed color images, RGB color, provided support of several compression methods, etc. The format was revised later in 1989, and new features were added. Still, the image format did not gain too much popularity. Some image viewers cannot display it properly, and in this case conversion from TGA to other image formats is necessary. TGA image format still has its range of application. This format is used by high-end paint programs and ray tracing packages. It can handle images with up to sixteen million unique colors. TGA files can contain monochrome images, color images with a palette, and 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit true color images. 16-bit images are usually the most commonly encountered. TGA files can be uncompressed, or compressed using a run-length compression scheme. ImageConverter Plus allows creating both compressed and uncompressed TGA images in singular and batch mode.