“Every artist was first an amateur”

Whether you are an artist, a gallery or a dealer, internet should be playing an important role in your sales and marketing. We have surpassed the information age. Information, and in this case images, are now readily available online in digital reproduction where contemporary artists compete for recognition and sales. Large and small corporations as well as exhibition centers are collecting art but it is not always easy for an artist to make sales in this market. The process of finding which collections are potential buyers of your art may take some time and work. But if you persist you can narrow down the possibilities. Clear images and adequate information are two key factors in achieving both sales and new admirers of your work. Internet implies that someone is seeing your work on a computer monitor. You need to make sure that they are getting as-realistic-as-possible image of your work. When you try to present your artwork to some online resources, digital images or high quality picture scans of the artwork are required, including general images of the entire work and some close-up views. Even if you are not a great photographer, use special software that will help you present your pieces of art from the most favorable side. ImageConverter Plus will assist you in getting images of your artwork of the required size or changing dpi. If you need to crop your image to create some close-ups, you can also accomplish this task using ImageConverter Plus. Be sure to add signature to your artwork guaranteeing the authorship.