How to change an image into a document

PNG provides a useful format for storing the intermediate stages of an image. Since PNG’s compression is fully lossless and since it supports up to 48-bit truecolor or 16-bit grayscale saving, restoring, and resaving an image will not degrade its quality. The PDF file format has become the standard for managing and archiving documents and forms. PDF files can be created from any document source, and the PDF version of a document should look just like the original. PDF files may contain text, images, annotations and outlines. PDFs are associated with Acrobat documents but can also act as an advanced bitmap file format. It doesn’t yet offer all the higheend print capabilities, but it offers strong print focus. While PDF is a highly convenient and popular format, individual PDF files can be problematic if not created carefully. With ImageConverter Plus you can perform lots of conversions to PDF from a variety of image formats, including the one when PNG is converted to PDF, though these two formats seem to be quite different.