Ensuring timely task completion

Scheduling tasks gives one the ability to spend time more efficiently. Task scheduling provides a better control over the daily routine. When we are overloaded with activities, it’s hard to remember all the things we need to do, so time management and planning are essential. With the wide variety of software in the market there seem to be practically all the fields covered. When we need to introduce some extra convenience to our computer skills, we search for specific software, and as a rule, find it! Sometimes though convenience lies right there with Windows – we just don’t realize how many nice things the OS can bring. One of the examples is Windows task scheduler. It provides the ability to schedule the launch of programs or scripts at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals. Meanwhile, certain operations provided by ImageConverter Plus, can be combined into a bat-file (several commands one needs to perform on graphic files). The two options work as a team ensuring that the image processing operations are performed flawlessly and timely. Bat-file creation is possible via the Image Converter command-line. A bat-file is similar to a profile – no matter how many image conversion tasks need to be completed, they can all be combined into one operation. Combination of a bat-file with the Windows task scheduler allows completion of the image conversion job without direct participation of the user. All will happen at a specific time. The bat-file will remember how to complete the task, while the Windows task scheduler will know what time the task needs to be completed.