Dealing with “really big” image files

Sometimes we receive letters from our customers who inquire whether or not ImageConverter Plus can really work with very large image files. When we ask how big they are, the typical answer would usually be like “really big”, or “we can’t even view these images”. They have already tried different image conversion software programs, but have not been able to process these files. Some image files are in the image formats that are not that easy to view on a regular computer, but some are simply so large that a rare program will open. If you have a photo the size of which is 100000 x 250000 pixels, you can try numerous image conversion software programs, but will not be able to view or convert such image. ImageConverter Plus will recognize it and convert it for you without any problems. ImageConverter Plus can work with “really big” images thanks to its own updated graphics engine developed by our company engineers. Now you can easily process big multipage TIFF files or aerospace photos! ImageConverter Plus can help you view these images and prepare them for printing when necessary. To prepare really big images for printing it’s important to choose the appropriate image format, for instance, convert TIFF to JPEG and change image dpi. ImageConverter Plus can easily resize very big image files to adjust them for the web.