Create a game badge from scratch

Online tactics games like Tactics Arena, or Crossfire, imply that each user has a custom badge. It should be a full color personalized badge that identifies you for others; besides, it is a great opportunity to make a good impression on other players. Personalized badge can come out of your own photo if you wish so. It’s only a matter of having good image processing software. You should double check what specifications are required for this or that game. Normally you will need to resize your photo and convert it to the acceptable image format. Different games allow different image formats for badge creation: TGA, DDS, and sometimes PNG. Images have to be with a specific ratio (like 64 x 64). ImageConverter Plus provides support for TGA, PNG, DDS and other image formats and allows saving images into these formats. If you want to use your own photo as a badge, follow the game requirements regarding compression, transparency, alpha channel and bit depth. Each image conversion performed with ImageConverter Plus allows choosing from a variety of conversion variations, for instance, converting to TGA you can specify whether or not the image should be compressed; and converting to PNG you can specify compression level.