Convert paper-based documents into digital forms

One very important area where image processing is commonly used is faxing. Fax machine established itself as an essential tool for business and commercial success. It’s a magic machine that can transmit pictures and documents from one office to another within seconds. One of the most complicated parts of sending a fax is making the machines recognize and talk to each other. If this simple task creates problems, one can anticipate facing many more challenges trying to convert fax images into ordinary ones, because software facsimile equipment often receives faxes and saves them in rare formats or their internal formats. But the coast will be clear if you use ImageConverter Plus. Our software can convert fax images into regular formats. You can then send them by e-mail or do other processing. Learn more at:

Converting fax images (FXM, FXR, FXS, FXD, SFF, G3, G4) to ordinary images