What if the pictures are awesome, but too big?

Computer wallpaper can tell a lot about the user. It can actually reflect your personality and tell others about your style, priorities, concerns or whatever it is that you find important. What you put on your screen can actually affect how you feel or think. Desktop wallpaper collection files – webshots – are usually scenic images such as waterfalls, sunsets, animals, and much more. You can easily download these images and set them as your wallpaper with ease and free of charge, but it’s not that easy to share them with others, because they are usually large and are saved in the formats that cannot be viewed by standard Windows means. ImageConverter Plus is a complete solution to manage such images. Our software can read all four types of webshots (wbc, wbz, wb1 and wbd files). With ImageConverter Plus you can resize them and convert them to JPEG with only a few mouse clicks.