Make your photos stand out

Nicely framed photograph always looks advantageous. If we are talking about some unique wooden or glass frame, then it can become a good gift to a dear relative. Digital photos that you post online can also capture attention if they have a border added to them. Sometimes a border can emphasize the background (if the image is too light), or add artistic effect. Borders are a great addition to the photos you intend to print. When the photos are of the same size, adding a border is easy. But what if the photos are all saved in different formats, are large in size, but need to be unified? ImageConverter Plus makes it possible to add a solid 10 pixels border to an image. This operation can be applied on any number of images and even image folders. In case your images are saved in different image formats, or their size is too large, ImageConverter Plus can easily convert them into one and the same image format and resize them. A border added to a photo will make a big difference. The photo will look professional and will be perfect for displaying. In case your customer requested hundreds of photos with borders, the best way to perform the task is to use the command-line.