Profile and Why it is Useful – 3

A unique approach

There are many advantages to using Image Converter Plus (ICP). One of them is the uniqueness of ICP profiles.

But what is a profile? And what makes those of ICP so special?


In computer terms, a profile is an automated series of instructions carried out in a certain order. Within ICP, the profiles are a group of settings used to change graphics files into different data formats.

ICP profiles also allow you to change, correct and improve your images. To do this, you can apply a range of actions and effects in any order that suits your needs.

ICP enables you to convert more than 120 different graphics formats and more than 800 format dialects.

User ability

These functions of the profiles sound challenging. But ICP presents the options to you in an easy-to-follow sequence. This is one of the most important aspects of Image Converter Plus. Even someone inexperienced can use it successfully.

Saving time

Time is a precious commodity. It doesn’t matter whether you are using computer software for business or pleasure, you want to complete a project without the frustrating sense that time is being wasted.

ICP profiles save time. The preset profiles help you convert images without delay. You can also use ICP to create or modify your own profiles and save them for the future. This means you spend a lot less time on repeat conversions.

Put simply, Image Converter Plus is the fastest way to convert a file.

Setting the options

Once you have set the options for your profile, you can use it again and again as often as you wish. But ICP offers more than this. For instance, one person can set the options and allow another to use them. This is particularly convenient in a workplace where ICP is available to a number of staff.

Other bonuses of ICP include

  • the ability to send a profile with its settings to a work colleague or friend; and

  • the option of making any corrections to images in a photo laboratory.

The ICP profiles handle all of these tasks without fuss.

And if you need assistance along the way, ICP has an excellent help system and support service.

These are the benefits and uniqueness of the ICP profiles. They make the conversion and correction of your graphics files a straightforward, fast and professional experience.

Author: Kevin Watson