MySpace Photo Converter

Social media websites like have become very popular. Most MySpace users quickly figure out the news and chatting features, but uploading the photographs can be a bit harder. MySpace limits you to photographs that are less than 5MB per photo and the photograph has to have a horizontal width of less than 600 pixels. Also, MySpace only supports 5 graphic formats: jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png. The great thing about ImageConverter Plus is that this one software that can help you meet both MySpace requirements.

You might have a top line camera such as a Pentax, Nikon or Minolta. Many of these cameras produce images in proprietary RAW formats. While these formats save an incredible amount of detail, you won’t be able to upload your photos to MySpace. This is where ImageConverter Plus can help you! Check out our list of supported formats, available at this link and you will see that ImageConverter Plus can convert dozens of formats into MySpace friendly jpg, gif, bmp, tiff or png files.

Even if you don’t have one of the more exotic digital cameras, you will have to deal with file size. Many digital cameras take advantage of the larger size memory cards and produce files that are huge. Again, ImageConverter Plus can help you out here. When you follow these instructions you’ll see that you can specify the exact number of horizontal width pixels. There will be no guessing or time wasted doing trial and error – you will know that your photo will meet MySpace’s standards.

So grab your camera, grab ImageConverter Plus and enjoy sharing photos on MySpace.

Author: David Silversmith