Modern digital camera. High resolution surprises

Digital cameras are becoming cheaper and cheaper every day. At the same time the cameras have more features and take photographs that have a much better quality than even the cameras made last year. However, these cameras may bring surprises.

Today’s cameras can save photos with great resolution. However, if you plan to post them on social media websites like MySpace and Facebook you will find out that the photos are too large. Even if you can upload them – your friends and family will probably comment that they take too long to long or to download.

This is one reason why so many digital camera users also use a software like ImageConverter Plus. You can take the photos with great resolution and use those images when printing photos. However, to post the photos online or email to friends they first use ImageConverter Plus to reduce the physical size of the file while keeping all the quality!

If you by a top line camera such as a Pentax, Nikon or Minolta you should first be aware that most of these cameras produce images in proprietary RAW formats. While these formats save an incredible amount of detail, you won’t be able to upload your photos to sites like Facebook and MySpace. Again, this is where ImageConverter Plus can help you! Check out our list of supported formats, available at this link and you will see that ImageConverter Plus can convert dozens of formats into social media friendly jpg, gif, bmp, tiff or png files.

So with a small investment in ImageConverter Plus will can ensure that you have no surprises when using your brand new digital camera.

Author: David Silversmith