Every Small Business Needs an Image Converter

Just about every small business in the world uses a word processing program and works to get documents, press releases and online content just perfect. But then graphic files, photos and scanned images are just inserted into the documents without any of the same focus on details. Yet graphic images can often have a huge impact on your product.

Many images, particularly photographs and scanned documents, have an unnecessarily large file size. Using a software like ImageConverter Plus you can often resize or compress an image file and get the exact same quality at less than half the size. Here are a few examples of how any business can benefit from optimizing the images that they use:

– You want your website or your blog to load as fast as possible for your visitors. One of the biggest drags on load time is large image files. Resizing the size of your images with ImageConverter Plus can take 2-4 seconds off the load time which is key as more than 50% of visitors will abandon a slow loading website.

– The website is not the only place images impact size. Documents with large image files are emailed all the time. Images are inserted into email newsletters sent to customers and prospects. Just like your website all communications will be more compact when the images are properly resized with ImageConverter Plus.

– Printing costs are an often overlooked expense for businesses. However, it is now common for the cost of two ink cartridges to exceed the cost of the printer itself! When your staff just takes images sent to them and prints them out in color at the default sizes in copy after copy you are paying for that ink. Simple steps to crop and resize the pixel widths of photos could easily save a small business several hundred dollars in reduced ink cartridge costs a year!

A small investment in a professional image converter can help reduce costs for a business and help make faster and more positive impressions on your customers and prospects.

Author: David Silversmith