Creating a Photo Album for Cell Phone and PDA from a Large Set of Photos

Cell phones and PDAs are constantly improving their capabilities and nowadays a contemporary cell phone or a PDA has many times the processing power of the average computer 15 years ago. Cell phones have stopped being devices for making and receiving calls and are becoming more and more a small computer in your pocket. With PDAs the functionality of a small computer in your pocket is by design, so it is not surprising that more and more pocket versions of famous computer programs emerge.

A PDA can be used for many purposes and one of them is for storing images that you want to take with you. Many people have the habit of carrying photos of their family, friends or pets with them, so it becomes more and more common to have a digital picture of your loved ones on your cell phone or PDA. And if your cell phone or PDA has enough memory, you can even make a photo album with the pictures from your latest vacation on it and show them to friends.

Many people use their cell phones for taking pictures but still cell phones are not as good as digital cameras. So, if you want to make a photo album for your cell phone, most likely you will have to import the images from your digital camera or other source and most likely you will have to process them a little. For instance, the majority of cell phones have screen resolutions of 128×128 pixels, 120 x 160 pixels, or 240 x 320 pixels. This is a very small area to display photos. Additionally, since most photos are times larger in size, it is not possible to display them directly on your cell phone.

One of the most frequent operations you will need to perform to your photos in order to create a photo album for your cell phone is image resizing. Also, occasionally you might need to perform format conversion – i.e. if your photos are not JPG or GIF but BMP or a proprietary digital camera format, you will first need to convert them to a format that is readable by your cell phone and then create the album. And since your cell phone does not have gigabytes of free space, you will opt for a file format that produces a smaller file size.

Image resizing is also an operation that you will have to perform when you want to make a photo album for your cell phone or PDA. You will want to make the photos the size of your screen. Image resizing, like format conversion is easy when you are using the right digital images processing program. A good program is ImageConverterPlus because it supports many formats and image sizes and above all has the option to make your own profiles.

The option to make your own profiles is especially handy when you have many photos that need to be converted from one image size to another, from one file format to another, or when all of them need a special operation (i.e. increasing the brightness/contrast). All you need to do is arrange your photos in a directory, select the necessary options (i.e. target image size, target format), select the output directory and you are done. You can process batches of images and once and this way have your hundreds of photos ready for displaying on your cell phone.

Author: Ada Ivanova