Our users testimonials

This section contains testimonials of our users. These are true stories of people who use our product in various spheres of life and business. The spelling of original texts is preserved as is.

I just recently (last month) purchased ImageConverter when I found out it would cost less for me to buy your software and create a specific type of image file (.eps) from a standard .jpeg file than it would for me to pay a pro to do it. The purpose of the conversion was so that a silk screener could do color separation, enabling my company logo to be color imprinted onto some T-shirts I had ordered. This was a “custom conversion” within your software, and it was a bit challenging for me to figure out the menu of the custom conversion part of the application, but it worked!

More recently, I accidentally stumbled upon the fact that I could also use your software to convert image files downloaded from a web-hosted graphic rendering application (.png files) to .jpeg files, too, with just a right click on the file. Wow, that’s a nice feature!

I’m very happy with ImageConverter. It was a good investment for my small business.

Diane G. Kulisek

President CAPAtrak, LLC

I have found ImageConverterPlus an amazing tool to be able to pass photographic files on to my colleagues. The medical community, like others, seems to have a difficult time deciding on what one particular file set they would prefer to use, (gif., jpg, tiff, etc). Though it would be tremendously handy for all of us in this community, the burden falls on the few of us to translate some of our files with your software. It should be mandatory to have this software, (well it sure as hell is for me, anyway), before you accept picture files from everyone. This way there would be fewer, “I can’t open this picture” messages, requiring a re-write, changing the file type, and then resending.

I have found the most rewarding to is to be able to process a batch of pictures at one time. Talk about a time-saver!

Frank A. Snyder

MD, owner of Wilmington Internal Medicine

We do a lot of work with images for our home inspection business and our educational division. The ability to be able to convert images quickly has been a real asset for me. I have found the program relatively easy to work with, quick and fairly versatile.

No question that the program has saved me time.

More often than I wish to admit I have had situations where without the ability to convert files. I would have been grasping for a solution.My movie camera feature creates images that I can not use unless I convert to Jpeg files.

I specifically enjoy the ability to keep things in the same source files. Another great use for me is to be able to convert resolution so that I can create print quality directories.

Stan A. Garnet

I really like this program. I’ve been using it to convert images for websites that I build. The version of Paintshop Pro that I primarily work in does not output PNG files with the correct gamma settings for newer browsers. So I convert all my png’s with ImageConverter and they’re fixed! I like being able to convert numerous files at once and have them overwritten automatically. Big help for me there…

J. P. Lawless

Freelance Artist

Thanks for a very nice programme! I have looked far and wide to find a programme that will convert my 1280 odd Microsoft PictureIt images to jpeg in a batch process. It took me many months of looking for, but your programme really does make the conversion easy.

Alain Jacquet

Civil Engineer

In all honesty, I have only ever used Image Converter Plus for one specific purpose. This is to convert 256X256 24bpp tga images with an alpha channel into 32bpp tga format. Then, using the batch conversion, which is far and away my favourite feature, I resize these images to 128X128, then 64X64 and finally 32X32 in order to create team badges for the EA Sports game FIFA Manager.

Adam Keld

This program saved me countless hours of resizing images. I was working on creating my website, but the images I had were all way too big. I searched the internet and found Image Converter plus. I tried it and it worked. This program saved me from having to open and resize over 14000 images individually. I set the parameters I needed and put it to work. I got up, and walked away coming back to my computer about 15 minutes later and they were all done. All, exactly the way I needed them. Thank you for this program. It was a time saver.

Carl Parry

I got your program to solve a problem that I was having with the many different formats of still video pictures that I run into. Your program performed quite well. I had a MAJOR problem when I first got it, and now format differences between what I have and I need have gone away. Thank you for an excellent product that delivered very nicely a required service.


We are a national company dealing with thousands of digital files every day. Image Converter Plus allows us to quickly create a host of image files from our master vector files within seconds. It is the only software I know of that supports the wmf file format so fully, whilst still leaving a good degree of control in it’s output. We have a host of wmf files which are constantly being updated due to amendments made by our clients. They then need to see the result in a variety of different formats, most of which can be done with Image Converter Plus. Generally we use the right click feature to create jpegs / gifs / bmps / tiffs that we can then email directly to our client who can see the changes they have just made.

Ben Filmore

The program is outstanding and I like using it because it allows me to convert JPEGs and other formats into formats supported by the Motorola RAZR v3. I enjoy using the program because it is powerful, easy to use. I convert formats also for my screen saver pictures as well. Please keep up the great work – you have a VERY satisfied customer for life!!!

Tomas Petrik

Process Integration Engineer

I have used ImageConverter Plus for over 4 years and have found it an invaluable tool for graphic image manipulation. One of the most useful tools I have found is the access to the conversion functions and image preview by right-clicking on the file. This makes conversion of image formats quick and easy. The customizable scripting is also extremely useful when performing batch operations, or customizing conversion functions. I would definitely recommend ImageConverter Plus as a “staple” utility for all PC users!

James Pickering

Quality Engineer

We used the product because it was the only one we could find that we could specify the format of group 3 or 4 tif. We have a fax server that when we create fax cover pages and imbed graphics, they have to be a very specific tif version for them to render properly. Your programmed work.

Prime Holdings Insurance Services

I use ICP to convert file photographs into reduced size/resolution versions to email, on the fly.

The feature that I like most is its ability to open just about any photo file format, in very large original file size, and to save in all of the likely needed formats, particularly PSD, even though I seldom need more than JPG, BMP, and PSD. The RAW format capability will be valuable when I upgrade my camera. The app is extremely fast, even on my old computer, and the right-click menu availability makes it one of my most frequently used tools.

Franklin Moore

Electronics Engineer

The main use for the software is during creation of our Marketing and Sales catalogs and brochures. We use several different printers and several different photographers for our catalogs and other print media. As is the case in graphics, each supplier used a different piece of software in their company. Your software worked exceptionally well for me to proof, assist in design, and approve the respective products supplied by each vendor.

Without ImageConverter Plus we could not have completed our sales materials without incurring extra costs and major software installations in order to view and approve the layouts. The software is very easy to use and I have recommended the software to many of my associates as a solution for the same issues we had when using various graphics vendors. We have used all the features but we have not used all of the conversion types.

Multi Product Company

I am using IC Plus on a regular base. As a researcher in the neuroscience field I have to deal with several types of medical images (in particular MR images). For all kind of presentations and publications, high quality images of standard type (gif, tif, jpg, bmp) are required. IC Plus gives me a very handy tool to translate, resize, crop, etc stacks of images. Thus, the most convenient option of IC Plus is the processing of stacks of images by only right button mouse click using predefined processing protocols.

Thomas Loenneker

Senior Physicist

I just bought the program a couple weeks ago. I was working with dds files. I wanted to convert other graphic file formats to dds files. I downloaded a free dds converter program off the internet and was using it, until some or most of the resulting dds files had a blue tint to them. I decided I needed another program, then I found yours!

Man was I impressed! I like the way it adds options right to image files when you right click on them. I wanted to convert to dds files of varying sizes, and your program supported converting and resizing in one step! Wow I was impressed! Then I found I also need to rotate some dds files, your program supported converting, resizing and rotating! What a timesaver! Before I got your program I was opening the graphics file in paint and then resizing it using a calculator to figure out the percentage change I needed. Then I would open the dds converter program and convert the newly resized file to dds format. What a waste of time! Your program does all this in one step and perfectly!

Dan LaBrue

Xray Technologist

I used ICP to convert stacks of photos taken through a microscope to a format that can be understood by an automated counting software. It was the only software I found to do the converting and renaming automatically so you don’t have to give a filename to every of the 60 or 70 photos.

Philipp Freytag,

M.D. in internal medicine