The world as animals see it

For centuries, humans were in the dark about what and how other animals see. Recent scientific investigations have revealed some amazing facts about the vision of creatures. Lots of animals see the world exactly like we do – tridimensional, but the range of colors they see is limited. Most of the animals have a hard time distinguishing some colors. Hamsters, rats and raccoons that are active mostly during the night see the world as black-and white. Bulls and cows cannot see the red color. Hedgehogs see only yellow and brown colors. Dogs have a hard time distinguishing between red and green. What is it like to see the world with the eyes of the animals? This is interesting and fun to replace colors of digital images so that you child, for instance, can see the world with the eyes of a cat or a dog. ImageConverter Plus offers an interesting operation called “Replace Color”. When applying this operation on digital images any colors can be changed for any other ones or for transparent. To see the world the way most animals see it apply negative effect on your digital images. Colors will be inverted looking like a photo negative, and this is likely to be the way cats and dogs see. Sepia effect reflects the world through the eyes of a hedgehog. The image will look brownish – close to what these animals are able to detect. Last but not least, grayscale effect. Have you ever imagined living in a world of black and white? It may seem dull, having lack of energy and emotion, but it exists for some creatures around us. Applying this effect demonstrating the way a hamster can see the world we will realize how lucky we are to see the bright colors that make the world so rich and beautiful.