Winter’s secret beauty

Beautiful snow formations, snow tapped mountains and trees, wildlife, ice crystals, white landscapes and blizzards are just a few of the subjects we can photograph during the winter months. Winter landscapes make great subjects, but sometimes when the camera settings are not right the pictures will come out dull and lifeless. To avoid drab, gray winter pictures, and to get the brightest, crispest photos with the brightest colors you can use ImageConverter Plus. Almost every image benefits from a brightness/contrast adjustment. The brightness/contrast tool lets you make simple adjustments to the tonal range of a photo, and it is the same for every image pixel. You will be able to increase the difference between the bright and dark areas of a photo, which in turn will let you see more details and will make the photo look more realistic. Winter photos will turn out awesome especially when punctuated with contrasting shapes and colors, such as trees, buildings, animals, or loved ones in bright clothing.