When graphics portability really matters

ImageConverter Plus makes converting images easy and portable. If you need to work with images fr om both home and office, have to copy your graphics information on the flash-drive, or scan your images, ImageConverter Plus will help you adjust your graphics to different equipment. If your scanned images are saved in the TIFF format, they will be quite large, because TIFF is a lossless format. It is great for the image quality but not as good for portability. Some programs won’t open TIFF files as easily as JPEGs, that’s why the need to convert your TIFF files into JPEG files is quite common. You’ll lose some image information when you convert TIFF to JPEG, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary – when you need to upload your images on the web-site or send them via email. We are glad our users appreciate this option provided by ImageConverter Plus. There are lots of other image formats supported by our software wh ere your TIFF files can be converted depending on your needs.