When every minute matters

When you need to perform a certain task with some software, time efficiency, reliability and simplicity in usage are crucial. Developing our products fCoder Group, Inc. strives not only to make highly reliable image processing software, but also the one that saves time. Starting with version 8.0. we have introduced several aspects that aim at achieving this goal and with the help of which our software works 15% faster than before. ImageConverter Plus provides multi-core CPUs support, which means that image processing functionality has significantly improved. Multi-core CPUs can perform many more operations per second even while operating at a lower frequency. Today, major computer chipmakers are migrating to multi-core processors as a way to continually boost operating speed. ImageConverter Plus lets you take full advantage of this new processor capability by programming parallel operations with the software. The latest version of ImageConverter Plus also has a brand new graphics engine developed exclusively by the company programmers. We decided to upgrade the previous version so that our users could enjoy more graphics and time saving opportunities.