What’s on the menu?

Although ImageConverter Plus is more widely used for batch processing large number of images, sometimes there is a need to convert just a single image or process only one or two photos. Realizing that sometimes it’s much faster to process the photo “on the spot” we have updated the capabilities of the right-click menu. The right-click menu (or the context menu) has always been one of the strengths of ImageConverter Plus. Using the context menu can save you a lot of work. The commands you are most likely to need are on the menu that pops up right beside your pointer. There is no need to run the program each time you have to process a single image file. It is much faster to get what you need right-clicking the photo. The number of options offered by the Windows context menu in combination with ImageConverter Plus is being constantly expanded. While just recently the number of options was limited to a quick profile access, now you can change EXIF data, get direct access to FTP, Picasa and online albums. Meanwhile, the goal is the same – simple and effective access to the task you need to fulfill. No matter how complicated your conversion job is, create a profile, name it and choose it from the list of available ones when a single photo needs to be processed in accordance with its settings. Same refers to the email and FTP settings.