What is your ideal work environment?

Whether you are a startup business or a small to midsized business, if you have two or more computers, you need to consider networking. The primary reasons why you will network PCs are to share a single printer, files, and possibly a high-speed Internet connection between them. Your office PC can be connected to a laser printer and another PC can, through the network, print documents to the laser upstairs. Your network environment is one of the keys to the success of your business, or sometimes it can cause a headache! Let’s say you get hundreds of image files every day by different types of transmission – by fax, email, scanned versions, etc. If your task is to process them so that they are all of the same image format, size and resolution, frustration is a mild word to use if these graphic files need to be processed manually with setting same parameters over and over again. Command-line option of ImageConverter Plus can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment creating a special .bat file with the required parameters you need to use on a specific group of files. This option is available if you purchase a server license. All the operations will be performed automatically on several computers connected together. You no longer need to install ImageConverter Plus on each separate computer.