It’s what’s inside that matters

A huge variety of existing image files may be really annoying, especially for a novice. Wouldn’t it be easier to have just one or two file extensions, and not to have headaches over what each means? But the number of file extensions can be even larger than the number of image formats themselves – sometimes there may be several file extensions within one graphic format. They can mean the same thing or several different ones. Situations can be even more complicated – sometimes you have to deal with files whose file extensions are incorrect, or files without any file extensions at all. How to look inside the file and figure out what image format it belongs to? Sometimes it will be possible to find out the file type sending a note to a person who sent you the file. If that doesn’t work, you need special software. Developers of ImageConverter Plus have made our program able to recognize the file regardless of its extension. What matters are the contents of the image file, not just its appearance. If the image file is among the ones supported by ImageConverter Plus, you can easily convert it into another image format of your choice.