Want to learn more about avatars and how they are created?

In the process of preparing an image for the web it is often necessary to manipulate it in some way, for example, to convert it to a different file format. Nearly all the graphics in the internet are either JPEG or GIF images. GIF files incorporate a compression scheme to keep file sizes at a minimum, and they are limited to 8-bit (256 or fewer colors) color palettes, that’s why GIF files don’t work for highly detailed images. But a GIF file is just ideal for web graphics – avatars, logos, icons, line art and other simple images. GIF can make a flawless copy of the original file at high compression as long as the original image contains large areas of uniform color. The GIF file format allows you to combine multiple GIF images into a single file to create animation. With ImageConverter Plus you can create animated GIFs, show a sequence of GIF images, convert your GIF images to BMP, PNG, JPEG and other formats and vice versa. More information about this format is available here: https://www.imageconverterplus.com/help-center/about-icp/supported-formats/gif/