How to turn an ordinary facsimile into a high quality digital image

Although email messages are the main type of business correspondence, one can’t go without a fax machine. Sometimes it’s a necessity – graphics are easier to render via the fax rather than an email message, but sometimes it’s just a preference. If it’s a small office and one gets just a couple of facsimiles a day, then it’s not a problem to process a fax. But some companies deal with hundreds of those and have to pick them up from several machines and save them digitally, add them to catalogues, or publish them on the web. But as you may suppose, facsimiles do not always look ideal – sometimes they are in rare image formats, and sometimes they contain unnecessary elements, like margins, that should better be removed. Another option to deal with facsimiles offered by ImageConverter Plus is transference of several separate pages into a single multipage file. If a faxed document refers to the same topic but contains several pages, for example, some chart or a technical description of some equipment, it’s more logical not to keep them in different separate pages, but combine into a single document. Another advantage of using ImageConverter Plus is its ability to convert a facsimile from rare used formats (for example, FXM, FXR, FXS, FXD, DEF, G3, G4) into something more common and more universally recognized.