Tips for turning your heavy bulky files into something portable

The main advantage of the PDF image format is its portability. No matter what device you indent to use to view the files you may be quite certain that the image will look exactly the same. This is the main reason why PSD files are converted to PDF. PSD is the Photoshop format. It allows storing multiple image layers in a single image file and processing each layer individually after the file has been saved. The PSD file can hold all the different functions that you may end up using when correcting an image, such as very large working file size, 16 bit depth, extra wide color space, masking channels, etc. PSD files are pretty large though, and if you intend to use them in the Internet you will have to convert PSD to other image formats. You will have to do the same thing if you want to print a PSD file. ImageConverter Plus provides a large number of PSD conversion options. You should note though that as soon as you convert your PSD file to another image format you will no longer be able to edit the image layers. Still, ImageConverter Plus never deletes your original image files. No matter how many times you perform different conversion operations you can always get back to the source image. When you choose PDF as a resulting image file it will be a wise decision if you indent to use your PSD files in projects involving team work and collaboration. PDF ensures the file protection from being altered by the third parties. Printing PDF is much easier than PSD. This type of image conversion allows a range of additional options. You can choose the compression mode (LZW, flate, fax), color depth (from monochrome up to 24-bit true color) and decide whether or not to save your file as a single or a multipage one. The file becomes smaller and portable (can be emailed without any difficulty and opened by Acrobat without any additional steps required). If transparency causes concern it should be noted that the PDF transparency model coincides with the one of PSD.