TIFF decompressor

TIFF files no matter if they are compressed or not compressed, always remain large ensuring the highest quality and keeping all the image details inside them. Since TIFF files are so large, transferring them is difficult, that’s why different software programs are used to make them a little bit smaller – compress them. TIFF compression allows decreasing the amount of storage space meanwhile retaining the high quality. Still, some users have to seek “TIFF decompressor”. Not for nothing, but because some TIFF files cannot be viewed without being decompressed first. Most of the time this happens when you are trying to view MAC presentation files on Windows PC, and most of the time when you have Quicktime Player has been installed on MAC. Difficulties in viewing TIFF files appear in PowerPoint presentations. The files simply don’t open, and what you get is the inscription: “decompressor is needed to see this picture.” ImageConverter Plus provides support for all types of TIFF images with different compression algorithms: LZW, flate, JPEG, CCITT RLE, and others, but apart from compressed TIFFs we can also decompress your TIFF files. Choose “none” from the menu when choosing output TIFF image file. You can make many more decisions regarding TIFF format conversion: single or multipage layout, color depth value, level of compression.