The gift of sharing

Conversion profiles are one of the strengths of ImageConverter Plus. Our software aims at making complicated conversion tasks as simple as possible, and no matter how many steps are involved, multi-task turns into a single conversion profile. There are quite a few profiles built into the software; there are profiles that can be downloaded from our website; there are the ones that our users create themselves, amend and save. The essence of a conversion profile is that no matter how many steps your image processing involves, they can be combined into a single operation under a specific name. Let’s say you want to resize your photo making it 50% smaller; change the image background for transparent; add a watermark, and put the image in the specific folder. It’s easy to imagine the reaction of a first-time user who is certain that this tedious job is going to take hours! And what a nice surprise that you can just set the desired parameters once in the necessary order, think of a name for you profile and apply it on hundreds or thousands of photos at once. But did you know that you can even share your profiles with someone else no matter how long the distance between the two of you is? Go to the “DocumentsImage Converter Plus” folder. All the profiles you have ever created can be found there. Be nice – help someone who is likely to benefit from the same profile. Just email the profile to your friend. As soon as the recipient gets it and opens it, ImageConverter Plus will open automatically to perform same operations on your friend’s images. The only thing the recipient should have is ImageConverter Plus installed on his/her computer.