Tell the world about one more day of your life

Most of the people write blogs to express themselves. It’s a new way to keep your friends updated of the things happening in your life. Blog is like a personal diary that can be viewed by many people, even strangers, so you can become famous without personalizing yourself. Millions of the blogs have been created by people with little to no experience of designing web pages. Most of the blogs contain photographs, and again, often by the computer users with not too much photographic experience. ImageConverter Plus can help you upload your photos to your blog. There are specific requirements – images need to be of the particular size, and those people who normally shoot without image processing afterwards might be wondering or even frustrated about how to optimize their photos to share with the world. We suggest that you shoot and share with friends and just unknown internet bloggers what you think, what you’ve seen, and anything you find special. Apart from resizing photos for the web ImageConverter Plus can help you perform many more operations – adjust brightness and contrast, convert your images into the same format accepted by the web, and whatnot.