Support of 12-bit JPEG

JPEG is the image format everyone is familiar with. It’s a default format for the majority of cameras, so even those users who are not way too experienced in photography know what it is. JPEG has several compression modes, but it can vary in the amount of information stored as well. Baseline JPEG stores images with 8 bits per color sample, in other words 8 bits/pixel for grayscale, 32 bits/pixel for CMYK, etc. Standard JPEG is 8 bit, but there is the type of JPEG that is 12-bit, although this is not common. The higher the bit depth the more information is potentially contained. Many medical imaging and traffic systems create and process 12-bit JPEG images which are normally grayscale images. 12-bit JPEGs are used when there is a need of a higher accuracy. 12-bit JPEG is rare and some viewers cannot open this standard which causes inconveniences. Usually 12 bit grayscale JPEG is used to store medical images produced by X-ray or microscope devices. Sometimes it makes sense to convert 12-bit JPEG into TIFF or other formats for easier processing which can be done with ImageConverter Plus. ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support of 12-bit JPEG images.