Successful project management

Project fulfillment usually requires several people to participate in, especially when a project needs to be completed within short time constraints. Although the goal is the same – successful project completion, the approach can be different and very much depends on individuals. Each person has his or her preferences in dealing with files, text, etc. Charts, diagrams, other visual presentations may be saved in various graphic formats and be taken from different sources. But how to handle the necessity to combine them all into one decent presentation to show to the client, or to use for everyday workflow? The best solution is to save these files as a single multipage file. There are several image formats supporting multipage layout: PDF, TIFF, GIF, MNG, though the last one is not very widely use. Multipage TIFF files are commonly used for FAX images, CAD Drawings, and some other applications. Multipage PDF is widely used for document workflow. This format is able to preserve fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. GIF is perfect for compressing images to use them for the web. Regardless of the image format, you can create a multipage file via the command-line of ImageConverter Plus.