Square thinking

We sometimes receive inquiries from our prospective customers wondering if ImageConverter Plus can perform this or that operation, and if our converter is the one they are looking for. We hope it is because we try to include as many operations as possible while processing graphic files. For example, can one make square photos all of the same size out of many images with all different sizes? Hard task at first sight, but is it really? Not for ImageConverter Plus. ImageConverter Plus makes it easy to resize and compress photos in batch mode. The options and settings of the resize operation cover almost all tasks for changing image size and proportion. The new image size can be set in pixels or percent value. Proportions can either remain the same as the original image file, or you can disregard original proportions creating new ones. What you need to do to make square images is to add “resize” operation, set the desired image size in pixels (“pixel dimension”); then choose appropriate document size in inches or centimeters and choose “no” at the setting called “keeping proportions”. You will get the desired square images in seconds!