Some graphic secrets for business

To deal with graphic images you don’t have to be a photographer, or any graphics professional. Every person or every company needs to process graphic images once in a while. And if you don’t have proper application this may be really frustrating. Files are getting larger – especially photo files and other graphic files such as those created in page layout programs. And the result is that we are starting to hit the limits of what can conveniently be sent as email attachments. So, practically everyone needs to resize images making them more appropriate for the web. When you receive scanned images they may look weird because they can be saved in different image formats – JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and it’s a headache to find out how to share them online, or how to make simple amendments. Graphics are stored in your computer in a variety of different file formats. The file format you choose determines the quality of your printed image and your ability to manipulate the image to best fit your needs. Improper use of file formats can result in printing difficulties. That is why we advise every company and every person to install an image converter. If you have just a couple of images per month to convert we can offer our simplified online version. But installing the full version of ImageConverter Plus you won’t have to process your images individually. Our software will handle all your graphics (hundreds or even millions of images) automatically in just one session.