“Softlifting” and its risks

The main purpose of the software activation for a user is assurance that the product is genuine and that all the features the product contains are available. Software developers take these measures to prevent software piracy. Piracy is characterized by sharing the software among users in a way that infringes on the license agreement between the developer and the end user. ImageConverter Plus provides several licensing options. We offer special licenses for our corporate customers and for private users. The owner of a home license cannot, for instance, install the software on server and cannot use the program on more than one computer. In case someone purchases the license that can be used for several computers in a company, but illegally shares it with a second person who loads it on his or her computer, this is considered illegal. Each licensing option of ImageConverter Plus implies that the software can be reinstalled and reactivated by the same user an unlimited number of times. Unfortunately, it happens that some users download the stolen version of our software which may lead to problems, inaccuracy and disappointment with the features that are not always available. Software pirates put consumers at risk of lacking much more than they could get if the software were legally purchased. So, we advise you to download ImageConverter Plus only from our website or through our authorized partners to make sure your version is valid.