Simplifying the dialogue between the user and the software

When using a computer no one is surprised now at the number of useful features available. With each release different functions seem to be easier to use and enhanced. Different methods of software improvement, simplifying the dialogue between the user and the software – these are the main goals developers of ImageConverter Plus identify. The right-click menu, or the context menu is well known as a shortcut to a number of operations right in the place where you need them. ImageConverter Plus right-click menu is quite powerful. You can choose a single image or an image folder and right-clicking it you can get access to a number of image conversion profiles. It is especially convenient when each profile you created has a separate unique name. In this case there is no need to recall what exactly will be happening to your photos. If the name of the profile is, for instance, “optimize for the web” it may include conversion of your files to a specific format, resizing images and sending them to a specific folder or other destination. No matter how complicated the profile is you get all the proper settings in a blink, and in several seconds you get your converted files in the folder of your choice.