The simplest format for exchanging graphic files

Do you happen to have PGM files and have problems trying to open them? The portable graymap file format (PGM) was originally designed to easily exchange files between platforms. This format is a lowest common denominator grayscale file format. The PGM format encodes more information about the image, which allows the image to have more long term editability. It is designed to be extremely easy to learn and write programs for. Though .pgm extension files are considered to be graphic files, they can be viewed and edited with a text editor on all popular operating systems. Still difficulty in opening the PGM file is not infrequent. There are many pseudo-PGM formats in use where everything is as specified herein except for the meaning of individual pixel values. For most purposes, a PGM image can just be thought of an array of arbitrary integers, and all the programs in the world that think they’re processing a grayscale image can easily be tricked into processing something else. ImageConverter Plus enables the users to open their PGM files without any limitations, resize them and convert them into other file types. Should you have problems editing your PGM files with our software please write to our support service. Chances are that your file is damaged, but we will still do our best to help you complete the task.