Saving a drawing

JPEG image format seems multi-functional. It’s a default format in all the digital cameras and provides the compression method ideal for the vast majority of graphics. It works well for photographs, artwork, but not so well on letterings or black-and-white drawings, because the files come out really large. Another solution needs to be found for such images as well as computer generated or mathematical ones. The most suitable image format for these images is PNG. PNG compresses images extremely well when they have just a few colors, or large solid-color areas. PNG works best for any images that are not photo realistic ones. PNG palette is limited to a maximum of 256 colors, so full-color images consisting of thousands of colors cannot be stored as PNG without significant quality loss. PNG is a perfect format for intermediate editing stages. Any number of image editing steps can be performed on PNG. Since PNG compression is fully lossless and since it supports up to 48-bit true color or 16-bit grayscale–saving, restoring and re-saving an image will not degrade its quality, unlike standard JPEG.