“Grandmother, why do you have such big ears?”

Pictures we get from cameras and cell phones are usually pretty large in size. Although this is very advantageous for image quality, this brings disadvantages when there is a need to send them over the Internet. Even fast internet connections will slow down, and you will have to wait long trying to send the image of the non-reduced file size. This also puts unnecessary strain on server accounts, especially the ones with limited storage space. Image size is built up of two aspects: image resolution and the grade of quality (or compression). Resizing your images with ImageConverter Plus can onу scale the image, i.e. alter the image resolution keeping the image contents practically unchanged with a little bit of quality loss. Another way is to crop the image removing undesired elements from photos. When resizing your images, you can specify the desired image size in inches, centimeters, or percentages. You can easily combine both resize options and apply them on image batches.

Here are the advantages resize brings:

  • Email smaller files
  • Sell on eBay
  • Website Design
  • Blog Posting and Design
  • Sharing Photos: Facebook, MySpace, Flickr
  • Real Estate Listings Online
  • Publishing eBooks
  • Online Photo Galleries
  • Photo Contest Websites