Replace multiple images with one another, or don’t

If you use ImageConverter Plus, chances are that you work with graphics a lot, meaning that you have hundreds of folders with thousands of images. Indeed, our software is really helpful when a large number of images need to be processed. But how not to get confused among all these files? How not to make stupid mistakes and not to delete something necessary and vice versa, not to substitute the right file with the wrong one? At first sight it’s all a matter of good memory and perfect organizational skills. These qualities are essential, but don’t rely just upon yourself. You can rely on technical abilities of ImageConverter Plus. We have created an option that helps to decide whether or not images need to be replaced with one another when converted to the same folder. If there are files in the folder and more will be coming in (having same names but different characteristics) when you perform a new conversion job, you can set up the following options: “rename”, “auto rename”, “overwrite”, “auto overwrite.” All depends on the task. Be sure to use this option only if you are absolutely certain that you no longer need the previous files when choosing “overwrite” and “auto overwrite” options – files may be lost forever, and in this case it will be difficult for us to help you. In case you are not always sure, just skip this option, though by default it will not touch your images during operations with target file names.