Remove margins from photos and crop photos to fit

Very rarely are your images perfect. There are always details that need to be removed, cropped, or amended. For example, a scanned image may often have unused margins. To quickly remove them from the image, you may use margins autocrop mode. If you submit your digital photos to a photolab or print them yourselves directly onto standard photographic paper, you risk having important parts of the image cut off near the print edges. Because of this it is recommended to crop digital images to the size that preserves the desired image parts. ImageConverter Plus has made this operation as easy as it could be – just in several mouse clicks. Image size will be reduced without changing image resolution, so images won’t be distorted. With ImageConverter Plus you can combine several crop modes to succeed with more complicated tasks (e.g. an image can be centered with the help of margins mode combined with rectangle mode). ImageConverter Plus allows you to save the sequence of needed actions as a profile. Use profiles to save your time when processing images.