Reflection of your level of talent and creativity

Because financial stability is such an incredibly important priority, especially in higher-income countries, it can be crucial to understand what resources you need when looking for a job. You should create a quality resume, but depending on the type of a job you seek you may also need a portfolio – a place where you store things related to your training, work experience, contributions, and special accomplishments. It is the place to document all your work-related talents and accomplishments so that you have a good sense of your “assets.” Whether an engineering project, or a conference organization – you should include photos that would prove your experience and organizational skills. There are two main things you should consider when preparing your portfolio – what to put in it and how to present it. If the portfolio images are submitted digitally, please make sure they are in a format that allows automatic display. The portfolio should look as perfectly as possible, and with regards to images ImageConverter Plus will help in organizing your photos – make them of the same format, resize them, change their dpi for print, remove distracting elements. Your portfolio should stand out setting your apart from other job candidates.