What to do if the file extension is unknown

Each graphic file normally has a specific file extension typical of the image format the file is saved in. File extension consists of several letters that help the experienced users recognize their belonging. If you look at the Program Files section of your computer and select the folder for Microsoft Office, you will see hundreds of related files – all with various file extensions such as .dll and .exe. In addition to program files, your computer has system files which are usually hidden by default. These are files that your operating system needs in order to run properly. When the graphic files are uploaded to the software, the software recognizes the type of the file and performs image processing accordingly. Sometimes there is no file extension of a graphic file – the users may come across outdated file formats, or simply don’t know the origin. It’s not so easy to realize how to convert such files into other image formats, because most of the software programs will not accept such task. The integral part of ImageConverter Plus is its image viewer. We have updated it to the extent that the image files will be recognized by their contents, and then converted appropriately.