Putting your past into the present is the future

It wasn’t too long ago that there were no computers and no digital cameras. Those lucky ones who possessed film cameras took photos, and now they are likely to be placed in dusty albums or boxes. But these old photos are so valuable! They are part of our family history, and they also hold great memories. We have seen our faces change over time, and as days go by, time carries us further and further away from those moments we hope to never forget. Nowadays we are so busy that we don’t give much thought to the past, but the stories of the past can inspire us, help us, and give us encouragement when we need it. The personal histories of our ancestors can provide insight into our own lives. It is amazing to see how much we have in common with those who lived before us. Scanning old family photos into digital format will save them for future. After you scan them you may find them saved in a variety of image formats. Not all of them are suitable for the web. To share your childhood photos with friends on Facebook you need to convert them, for instance, from TIFF to JPEG and probably resize them as well. ImageConverter Plus will help you with these technical details. Wonder how long it will take you to process about 1000 photos? Not too much time, because ImageConverter Plus will take care of them in batch mode. It means that as soon as you scan them, just choose the output format and wait only several minutes for the result.