Processing huge photos with little to no effort

The new digital cameras are equipped with image sensors with more and more mega pixels. Bigger photos mean better resolution – of course if the camera lens is good enough. However it also means that editing such an image requires more memory and more processing power. If the CPU is slower then the processing takes more time. Uploading all those huge images at a full size can slow down your blog significantly. The way out is resizing images. Resizing photos is the best way to upload them to the web and to email them to friends and family. But what if you have to deal not just with very large photos, but really huge – like poster-size? Seems complicated and almost impossible, but not for ImageConverter Plus. ImageConverter Plus has been tested on 120,000,000 px x 90,000 px images. Just make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive. Resizing a 120,000,000 px x 90,000 px image requires 256GB of free hard drive space. Do you have enough? We are ready to help then.